Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have a few announcements for everyone! Please read everything :)

1. The rehearsal location will be changing starting on Thursday, November 11th. It will be moved to First United Methodist Church (On Lapeer between 8th and 9th street). This will benefit the cast so that we can have enough space for everyone (no more running into each other while dancing) and so that our AMAZING set crew can use the space to build our very large (and EXTREMELY COOL) set pieces!

2. Anyone in the cast that is a DALMATIAN at one point we are asking that you provide a long sleeve white shirt for your costume. Please bring these in ASAP so that our beautiful and wonderful costume ladies can start adding spots!

3. We are also asking for you to provide your shoes for the show. All Dalmatians need white shoes. The people that need black shoes are Boxers, Scotties, Chihuahuas, Sergent Tibbs, Police Officer, and Dog catcher. If you have any other human role we will discuss shoes with you individually :)

4. If you do not own white or black shoes then just bring in an old pair of shoes you don't wear anymore. The very talented costume ladies can spray paint them!

5. If you are someone who needs to get a white long sleeve shirt and cannot get one for any reason let Tonya, Maria (whenever they are there), or myself (before or after rehearsal please) and we will make sure that you have one.

I also have a few thank yous....

To my set crew: The set so far ROCKS! I love it and it looks so cool. You guys really got my vision and it's so exciting to see it come to life!

To my costume crew: You ladies are phenomenal! You are working so hard...and I just know that all the characters are going to look awesome when they are on the stage.

To my Producer Pam Leslie: I don't know how I could do it all without you! I am super lucky to have you on my team!

To the Executive Producer Carolyn Holley: You are doing so much for this show and its already showing. You really know your stuff!

To the music director Katie: The cast sounds great girl! Love what you have done.

And just to name off a few more: Jessica Bayless, Charlie Tinker, Kelsey DeGuise, Amy Collins, Maureen Muzzereli, Jonathon Slease, Ty Evenson, Jeanine Evenson, all the supportive parents, and of course my very talented cast!


Your Director- Emilee :)

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