Friday, September 17, 2010


Cast List for 101 Dalmatians KIDS

Cruella De Vil- McKale Bingham

Horace- Quinton Greene

Jasper- Conner McNamara

Roger- Spencer Kohenov

Anita- Emma Hill

Pongo- Caleb Kreidler

Perdita- Ally Evenson

Narrators- Christopher Howard, Mae Overholt, Maddie Ringvelski, Halie Sullivan

Patch- Clark Diehl

Lucky- Nicolas Collins

Penny- Sydney McNeil

Pepper- Shaun Muzzarelli

Sergeant Tibbs- Taylor Winzer

Nanny- Lily Petit

Police Officer- TJ Ruedisueli

Dogcatcher- Patrick Sullivan

Spot- Brock DenUyl

Dot- Sylvia Stephens


Seth Rowell
Patrick Sullivan
Daniel Israel
Isabella Boscaglia
Miranda Hency

Micaela Muzzarelli
Meredith Ringvelski
Noehl Bingham
Jacob Stoliker
Kristi Croteau

Paul Robinson
Kendyl Keyes
Layla Samman
Megan Burns
Kali Berdan

Sydney Collins
Abbi McNamara
Allison Urban
Vaughn Haynes
Braeden Houle


Brady Esterline, Kassy Dickenson, Kalie Berdan, John Lumpkin Foster IV, Walter Foster, Maddie Godwin, Kayla Hatten, Meagan Ruedisueli, Annie Timm, Hannah Stevens, Matthew Zarling


Abby Acre, Matthew Cronce, Jordan Cummings, Elise Edie, Camille Keyes, Hannah Kreidler, Lauren Poosch, Hannah Rodecap, Jacqueline Sikora, Ava Vitale, Anne Marie Weldon, Emma Weldon, Kaitlyn Winzer, Mary Ziegler, Teralin Jones, Meredith Stephens, Rachel Stephens, Megan Cronce

*All TBA parts, Kanine Krunchies commercial dogs, and TV show dogs will be determined from the ENSEMBLE list in the first 2 weeks of rehearsals.

*All EXTRAS will be in the "Fur Vault" scene and the end scene.

*ALL CAST- First rehearsal/ read through is Friday, September 24th at 6:30pm at the Horizon Outlet. A PARENT/ GUARDIAN is asked to attend the beginning of the rehearsal for announcements and the handing out of forms.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to audition for the show. CONGRATULATIONS to all who were cast. If you did not make it do not be discouraged, this may just not have been the show for you. Please continue to audition and support the arts and PHCT.

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